RFID Wristbands at Coachella Festival

28 Apr

Hi all,

Welcome to my first RFID blog. Hopefully, I will have some interesting information and news about exciting RFID wristband, access control and cashless vending projects in the near future.

I’m just back from Coachella – a famous music festival in the U.S. We (ID&C) provided over 100,000 RFID enabled wristbands

Rfid Wrist band

RFID Wristbands used at Coachella

for the festival and they worked with a state of the art access control system provided by Intellitix and festival management software provided by Data Flow Enterprises.

This was by far our biggest deployment of RFID wristbands to date and I was so pleased that the wristbands and technology were received so well by the punters and organisers. Not only was it an exciting project to work on but I also met some great people to work alongside – Martin Enault and Serge Grimaux from Intellitix and Carey Archer from Dataflow Enterprises.

My thanks go to Skip Paige and his team at Coachella for taking this brave move and for being the first to roll this technology out at a large scale event. Their punters will thank them for it and the industry will mark this as the occasion when it all started to change.

All the best,
Operations Director



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