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31 May

Is the phrase you’ve probably seen printed or displayed on many ads nowadays. Beside it, you’ll see a pixelated square but what you might not know is that they’re another one of the latest tech-crazes in ticketing and admission control. QR codes and other types of barcoding are some of the many new features offered on ID&C’s security wristbands. The codes give added value to punters, organisers and event promoters alike.

Essentially, QR codes convert a long message into a small, scannable barcode, which can be used to interact with customers before, during and after events. Text messages, emails, business cards and weblinks can be embedded within the code. When scanned, the message is then stored on the user’s mobile giving a longer lasting connection with your audience than a typical print or web ad.

QR Code Wristband

QR Code Wristband

One tip when embedding long URLs is to shorten them first using a shortener like You can then use the shortened URL to make your QR code. We like to use it’s quick and simple to use. The shorter the link, the less complicated the QR code is, making it easier for phones to scan… And remember, always test them first!

At ID&C we have supplied security access solutions to the event & sporting industries for over 15 years. We can provide full accreditation and security solutions for any size event, including all types of wristbands and lanyards.

By Craig Bennett
Marketing Manager
As featured in FS Arena


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