ID&C Nominated as Best Event Services Supplier at UK Event Awards

25 Nov

This time we’re off to represent the titans of the event industry at the UK Event Awards, taking place at none other than Wembley Stadium. It’s been a great year for  us here at ID&C, we’ve remained the leading supplier of security wristbands in the UK and catapulted ourselves into the world of RFID access control. In particular, our involvement at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival has lead to our nomination as Best Event Services Supplier.

This year’s Isle of Wight Festival was host to the UK festival industry’s first ever cashless environment. ID&C supplied the state-of-the-art RFID wristband, used to purchase food and drinks with a simple tap of the wrist. The transactions happened in a fraction of a second and left punters astonished. In fact, a survey carried out amongst those using the RFID wristband revealed that 98% agreed that this process of transaction was faster than paying with a card. There was unanimous support for the RFID wristbands with 100% of people surveyed saying they would like to use them again at future events.

The RFID festival wristband

The UK Event Awards take place next Wednesday 30th November at Wembley Stadium – wish us luck.

See the other nominees 


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