RFID wristbands head for UK festivals in 2012

16 Jan

Today, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat reported that RFID wristbands will feature at UK festivals this summer. This is great news for ID&C!
Last week’s Eurosonic Noorderslag festival gave thousands of delegates the chance to trial the technology for admission in and out of the event.

More “music to our ears” was hearing Glastonbury organiser, Michael Eavis announce that the team behind the UK’s largest festival is considering using RFID technology when it returns in 2013.

We’ve explained in previous posts how RFID wristbands can be used to enhance the festival experience for fans while offering organisers a number of other benefits. See our story on Coachella Festival’s RFID wristbands.

We’re not sure which UK festivals will use RFID technology this year, but as the leading supplier of RFID security wristbands, we’re very excited about the summer ahead.

Our RFID wristbands were used by over 500,000 festival fans last year across the UK and North America. The RFID microchip is encapsulated in water-tight plastic which has been specifically designed to fit comfortably on the wrist.

It’s important that RFID wrist bands continue to get positive PR. Like all new technology, skeptics will be sounding off but it’s our duty to respond to any negativity with the facts – RFID technology will enhance festivals for the better!

See our suite of RFID products on our RFID website

Read the full BBC story on the Radio 1 Newsbeat website.


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