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BRIT Awards guests experience RFID wristbands

27 Feb

ID&C supplied The BRIT Awards, the UK’s flagship music event, with wristbands to identify 10,000 guests, while over 1000 VIPs used RFID micro-chipped wristbands for cashless payments at the after party bar.

Held at London’s 02 Arena last Tuesday 21st Feb, official partners, ID&C worked with BRITs organisers to supply a security wristband suite of 23 individual designs, each identifying a different type of guest and level of access.

Matt Wilkey, director at ID&C said, “As music events go, it doesn’t get more high profile than the BRITs. Having worked with the production team at Earls Court and now the O2 Arena, we understand what’s required by organisers for a slick ‘behind-the-scenes’ operation.”

6 million television viewers tuned in to enjoy a festival-worthy line-up featuring Coldplay (no sign of the flashing wristbands), Adele and an anthemic closing set from Outstanding Contribution to Music winners, Blur. Adele managed to add controversy to the evening when tv cameras picked up her ‘hand gesture’, after the double BRIT winner’s acceptance speech was cut short, and boy band winners One Direction managed to thank BBC Radio 1 listeners for an award that was sponsored by Capital FM!

“Becoming official partner was amazing for us, especially ahead of a summer where suppliers will be in the spotlight during the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee events. We’re passionate about what we do and although the BRITs are likely to be remembered for the epic line-up and Adele’s short-lived speech, we know that security wristbands played a part in the successful production.” – added Wilkey.

ID&C also supplied wristbands that were fitted with an RFID micro-chip and used for cashless purchases at the after party bar. Over 1000 guests had the chance to experience the speed and simplicity of transactions when using contactless RFID wristbands, a method expected to be used at a number of major festivals in the UK this summer.

ID&C helped provide a cashless environment in last year’s Isle of White Festival VIP tent and have worked with Coachella Festival, UEFA and video game Call of Duty delivering other RFID applications for access control and social media brand activation.


Cashless Festivals Likely This Summer

16 Feb

Festival industry and RFID technology figureheads revealed the likelihood of cashless festivals this summer at event production seminar.

‘Plastic Passion’, one of the Event Production Show’s ‘Access Sessions’ held at Olympia, London earlier this month, brought together four corners of the event industry to talk about RFID wristbands, a topic hot on the lips of fans and organisers around the world.

The panel, consisting of Isle of Wight Festival’s Rob Langford, Steve Daly from ID&C (@RFIDSteve), Steve Jenner from Intellitix and Ticketmaster’s Adam Newsam, provided the perfect mix of experience and insight to debate the future of RFID in the live event space.

The seminar kicked-off with an overview of the success seen in North America last summer, where RFID was used for access control at a number of flagship live events. Intellitix’s Steve Jenner, and ID&C’s Steve Daly gave accounts on how the adoption of RFID wristbands at festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza gave positive results for the organisers.

Rob Langford from Solo (the production company behind Isle of Wight festival) provided the promoters’ view point, giving insight into the RFID cashless payment trial carried out amongst 500 fans at the festival last summer. The pre-loaded RFID wristbands gave fans in the VIP arena the chance to experience the technology when purchasing at food and drink stalls. Langford expressed that the success of the trial had led the Isle of Wight festival to consider other avenues where RFID wristbands would benefit the festival and its fans.

The explicit insight into RFID technology provoked an extensive Q&A session, where a packed-out audience asked everything from ‘how can an RFID wristband be topped-up?’ to ‘who owns the data on the wristband?’ The most frequent question though, ultimately asked ‘who will pay for the technology?’ The scrutinised panel gave individual scenarios and explained possible business models that included sponsorship and paying for the new technology from the proven uplift in sales that a cashless payment solution can generate. Solo’s Langford stated that it was certainly not the intention of Isle of Wight to pass the cost onto the fans.

Although no specific festivals were named, it was unanimously hinted by the panel that the industry could expect to see a cashless payment solution at a UK festival this summer. 

RFID Wristbands Wave Goodbye to Criminal Activity at Festivals

24 Oct

ID&C at Live UK SummitOur very own RFID specialist at ID&C, Steve Daly explains how developments in security wristbands will help combat criminal activity at festivals in 2012 and beyond.

As a panellist for the anticipated ‘Criminal In-Tent’ seminar at the LIVE UK Summit earlier this month, Daly showcased how RFID wristbands will play a part in the combat against increasing criminal activity witnessed at festivals in 2011.
Sat with Daly were, Kevin Walker, detective constable at Leicestershire Police and Reg Walker, ticket fraud expert from Iridium Consulting. Offering experience and insight, the seasoned pros discussed how festivals have continued see criminal hotspots at campsites, site perimeters and even inside main arenas, where wristband mugging has been an issue.

Criminal gangs, fraudsters and mere chancers will always exist in the industry, but while anti-crime initiatives strive to raise awareness, the panel was in mutual agreement that the strengthening of communication between organisers, access specialists and police will drive the success of crime prevention at festivals going forward.

Steve Daly at ID&C

ID&C’s Steve Daly explains how RFID wristbands can combat fraud

This year’s riots showed how today’s technology can be used as a tool to negative effect but it was security wristband technology that drew a focus in the latter part of the seminar. ID&C’s Steve Daly noted the success of RFID wristbands used at the Coachella festival in California. In 2010, organisers of the 3-day gig struggled with touts, fence-hoppers and hundreds of chances. The deployment of RFID wristbands in 2011 however, eliminated all fraudulent activity around the Coachella site and as a result of this, overall criminal activity was reduced.

The unique design and technology behind the wristbands proved too advanced for the fraudsters who, along with the usual chancers, were dismissed way before they had a sniff of the Coachella arena. “The wristbands and access systems ran without a hitch and allowed organisers to dramatically improve on security, while the punters got the added value of reduced queues’’ states Daly.

Daly continues, “The technology was trailed at the Isle of Wight festival this year with RFID wristbands providing a cashless environment for fans in the VIP arena. Although this wasn’t introduced to combat criminal activity – organisers in the UK are now more aware of the benefits RFID can offer festival security.

ID&C will be showcasing their RFID wristbands and security accreditation at the UK Festival Awards Conference on 15th November at the HMV forum.

Charity Auction Success For Grassroots Music Festival

4 Aug

With just over a week to go until the the start of LeeFest 2011, the ‘V.I.Pee’ charity auction has ended, raising £275 for Kids Company Charity. This donation is the first of many that will be made by the non-profit music festival in Kent.

The V.I.Pee auction was set up for one lucky person to win 4 x tickets to LeeFest along with their very own luxury portaloo for the weekend. Here at ID&C, we’re delighted to have supported such a fun and successful campaign and are very happy to be working with LeeFest this year to provide their entire accreditation solution including security wristbands, lanyards, laminates + more.

LeeFest ID&C

The competition was an instant hit, with almost a thousand page views on ebay. 29 bidders battled for the title, with the ‘V.I.Pee’ crown eventually going to Adam Grinter from East Grinstead. Lee Denny, festival founder and director, was overwhelmed by the response to the competition:

“Everyone loved it! It was my brother Andy who suggested it… I’m worried that if he keeps having ideas like that, soon it will be him running the whole show! We’re just really chuffed that a bit of fun like ‘V.I.Pee’ has raised so much money for Kids Company!’

Next weekend British Sea Power, DJ Fresh and Fenech-Soler headline LeeFest along with a host of other national and local acts.


Isle of Wight Fans Salute Contactless Wristbands as the Latest Festival Essential

16 Jun

Last weekend we helped provide the Isle of Wight Festival VIP guests with the UK’s first ever prepaid contactless payment wristband.

The project, led by MasterCard® saw festival goers in the VIP arena put the PayPass ™ prepaid wristbands to the test, unanimously rating them as a must-have for future live events.

Research conducted by MasterCard® amongst those using the ID&C-supplied fabric festival wristbands found they were their preferred payment method at the festival, with an astounding 100% of users stating that they’d use the wristbands again at other festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Pre-loaded with £30, the wristbands could be used to purchase food and drink with a simple tap of the wrist – ‘‘It’s the simplicity and speed which make contactless wristbands so attractive to festival organisers and punters alike.
The opportunity to work on this groundbreaking project at one of the UK’s most established festivals has been fantastic and the results have clearly revealed how contactless wristbands can enhance the user experience.’’ Says Steve Daly, ID&C’s Operations Director.

Contactless Festival Wristbands

Contactless Festival Wristbands

John Giddings, Isle of Wight festival promoter, said: “Festivals are all about a great shared experience – the music, bands, food and drink all add to the atmosphere. New innovations such as this really add to the experience. I’m proud to have pioneered the wristbands at the Isle of Wight Festival and hope to see them developed further for future events.’’

At ID&C’s, our contactless wristband projects have grown rapidly in 2011 with the mammoth Coachella festival already under our belt. We have also secured two further deployments of RFID access control wristbands in the U.S. working with Chicago’s Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits in Texas later this year.

Festival Big Guns Support Anti-Fraud move

3 May Festival Crowd with Wristbands

Two of the biggest live event organisers in the UK have agreed to an idea from the police to protect people from fraudulent ticket websites.

Festival Republic and Livenation will send out tickets as soon as possible, rather than waiting, sometimes for six months, until just before performances.

Police say the delay makes it difficult to prove fake sites did not have the tickets to sell in the first place.

The National Fraud Authority says £168m is lost annually through ticket scams.

Unintended consequence
Genuine ticket sellers claim the delay in sending out tickets is meant to limit the time counterfeiters have to copy the originals.

But an unintended consequence of this has allowed tens of thousands of people over the past five years to buy tickets from fraudulent websites, without realising the tickets will not arrive at all until it is too late, reports BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours.

Fraudsters claim their suppliers have let them down or that they have simply gone bust.

Police have reached an agreement with two of the biggest concert organisers, including Festival Republic, which is behind the Leeds and Reading festivals, that tickets will be posted immediately to customers. They will then assess the impact on counterfeiting.

Det Ch Supt Steve Head, from the City of London Police, says promoters’ delay in the sending of tickets makes it difficult to prove fraud, and that printing the tickets earlier could be the key.

“We believe that would stop a lot of people being the victims because we’d be able to act on it quicker, convicting the kind of people we want to convict,” he added.

“It’s not about business; they are fraudsters”

RFID Fabric Festival wristbands

RFID Fabric Festival Wristbands

We at ID&C were delighted to observe the shrewd move made by Live Nation, Festival Republic and the police as announced on the BBC website yesterday. It is a selfless act which gives the punter more security and more importantly time to counteract the way fraudsters operate.

One repercussion maybe that counterfeiters can get their hands on tickets earlier and therefore have more time to attempt reproduction and duplication. It will be interesting to observe what happens this festival season.

At ID&C we are pushing our RFID enabled wristbands as an answer to all these issues. Wristbands can be sent out in the post just like tickets before festivals. Punters can feel secure in the fact that they have received their wristband and fraudsters are welcome to try and break the encryption on RFID tags – if they have a few decades!!

All the best,

Original story taken from BBC News Website



3 Apr

Security wristband company, ID&C are set to provide a full RFID solution for the admission control at the famed Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California.

ID&C, leaders in admission control for live events, will supply RFID wristbands to accompany a complete contactless access control solution for April’s Coachella Festival. The wristbands will enhance the fan experience and offer a new level of security for organisers.

Coachella is one of the most popular events on the festival calendar, with a line-up boasting some of the world’s most exciting music artists, including Kings of Leon, Kanye West and recent Brit Award winners Arcade Fire.

‘Using RFID technology to improve the security and reduce admission times at festivals is a concept we’ve been working on for the last few years, being able see it in action at a festival like Coachella will be amazing.’ states Steve Daly, Operations Director at ID&C. Daly continues ‘From a security point of view, the microchips can’t be copied, making it difficult for passbacks and counterfeit opportunities. For fans, it’s a non-invasive way of admittance, making the experience enjoyable from the moment they arrive on site.’

ID&C have developed a durable, waterproof RFID enabled wristband fitted with their patented Smartlock system – providing Coachella with ‘the ultimate security and admission solution.’ The wristbands will work together with state-of-the-art entrance gates, which read the unique frequency without physical contact. The impressive system can admit 2000 fans per gate, per hour and reduces staffing costs.

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