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Did you see the flashing wristbands used by Coldplay on X Factor?

12 Dec

The amazing L.E.D. flashing wristbands caught our eye during last night’s X Factor final at Wembley Arena. Now named the ‘Glowing Gig’, Coldplay handed out thousands of promotional wristbands each fitted with a flashing light, or more precisely, a flashing LED. The radio controlled wristbands flashed in time to the music and created an amazing atmosphere for Coldplay fans, both at Wembley and at home.

As leaders in the production of security and promotional wristbands for live events, we were excited to see such an interesting new product. We expect to see these LED wristbands much more in 2012.

Head over to Coldplay’s website to see pictures and videos of the wristbands in action.

The wristbands were supplied by RB Concepts.




ID&C did not produce the L.E.D wristbands for the event and are not affiliated with Coldplay, RB Concepts or the X Factor.